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Pools and property

| July 29, 2022 1:21 AM

Pools are a great way to escape the summer heat, however, they add an additional cost to one’s budget to obtain and properly maintain.

Above-ground pools are cheaper and quicker to get than in-ground pools as many can be found on the shelves of local stores. This is a great solution for many people who don’t want the financial commitment of building and maintaining an in-ground pool that tends to be larger than what can be found in stores. However, above-ground pools may not be able to handle as much wear and tear and not last as long as an in-ground pool.

Grant County Assessor Melissa McKnight said in-ground pools raise the value of your property, if well maintained, although they do not affect your property taxes very much. Above-ground pools do not because they are moveable.

McKnight also mentioned that in-ground pools do depreciate so their value to the property will not be the same as what was paid to install it.

The Assessor’s Office determines the value an in-ground pool adds to a property based on things like if there is vinyl or time and how much concrete was used, McKnight said.

Autumn Rookard with Rookard Custom Pools agreed that in-ground pools raise the value of one’s property.

“They absolutely add value,” Rookard said.

Rookard Custom Pools are a custom pool company out of Wenatchee and travel all over the Pacific Northwest to create custom in-ground pools. They come to Moses Lake quite a bit, Rookard said.

Rookard said the process to get an in-ground pool with Rookard Custom Pools begins with telling them what size, shape and details they want. The company then comes up with a plan based on the customer’s wants and needs. Rookard Custom Pools will take a $5,000 deposit towards the overall cost and it will take roughly two months to construct.

Rookard Custom Pools customers do not get the basic vinyl, rectangle in-ground pool. Rookard Custom Pools have a base starting cost of $45,0000 because they do not do any vinyl, each pool is custom to the customer and has tile work. Rookard said their pools are made to last and they have done custom pools for over 30 years.

Heather Adkinson of Windermere K-2/ Realty LLC said having an in-ground pool can be a hit or miss for homebuyers. She explained that a lot of buyers are weary for a home with an in-ground

Pool due to the safety concerns that arise with them as well as the time and money to upkeep.

Adkinson said that the value and desirability that in-ground pools add to a property really depend on the property as a whole. The higher the quality of the home and pool, the more desirable the property can be to potential buyers.

The value an in-ground pool can add to a property is on average about $20,000, Adkinson said. She did mention that not many Moses Lake homes have in-ground pools, despite the 100 degree summers the Columbia Basin sees regularly.

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In-ground pools can add value to one’s home but can be hit or miss for potential homebuyers, Heather Adkinson of Windermere K-2/Realty LLC said.



The county assessor’s office determines the value an in-ground pool adds to a property based on things like if there is vinyl or time and how much concrete was used, Grant County Assessor Melissa McKnight said.

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