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MLHS drama club takes on 1938 radio play

MOSES LAKE — Social distancing. Masking. Remote learning. All of it makes school difficult. And it makes extracu...

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Robert Mueller does rare interview in 'Oath' podcast

NEW YORK (AP) — Chuck Rosenberg makes no secret of his admiration for Robert Mueller.

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Key question in Cosby appeal: Does defendant's past matter?

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In 2016, as Bill Cosby's legal team

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Irina Antonova, head of top Moscow art museum, dies at 98

MOSCOW (AP) — Irina Antonova, a charismatic art historian who presided over one of Russia's top art museums for more than half a century, has died at 98.

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Testing new release strategy, 'The Croods' opens to $14.2M

NEW YORK (AP) — Testing

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Celebrity birthdays for the week of Dec. 6-12

Celebrity birthdays for the week of Dec. 6-12:

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Petri Hawkins Byrd deliberates on life after 'Judge Judy'

Judith Sheindlin has been the sole judge, jury and verbal executioner for the last quarter century on her behemoth TV court show, “Judge Judy.” Her trusted bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, has stood by her side durin...

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Bad Bunny is Spotify's most-streamed artist of 2020

NEW YORK (AP) — The year's most played artist on Spotify? Globally speaking: Bad Bunny.

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Pope book backs George Floyd protests, blasts virus skeptic

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis is supporting demands for racial justice in the wake of the U.S. police killing of George Floyd and is blasting COVID-19 skeptics and media organizations that spread their conspiracies in...

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Queen, Prince Philip to spend Christmas at Windsor Castle

LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, will spend Christmas at Windsor Castle instead of their Sandringham estate for the first time in decades.

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George Clooney says he has cut his own hair 'for 25 years'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — George Clooney is just like us, maybe. The star said he does his own haircuts with a device famously touted in infomercials.

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Music festivals offer to help Belgium's vaccination campaign

BRUSSELS (AP) — With nothing on their agendas for months to come, music festival organizers in Belgium want to use their know-how to help the country's coronavirus vaccination campaign.

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Review: Hitman hiding out in England stars in 'Eddie's Boy'

“Eddie’s Boy,” by Thomas Perry (Mysterious Press)

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‘I’m Your Woman’ puts a fresh spin on the 1970s crime drama

Director Julia Hart couldn’t stop thinking about Tuesday Weld. She had just watched Michael Mann’s 1981 thriller “Thief” and Weld’s character Jessie had taken over her imagination. Where did she and the baby go? ...

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The top 10 audiobooks on