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Adams County Sheriff’s Office gets busy two days; three arrested for alleged vehicle theft

Staff Writer | December 29, 2021 1:00 AM

Adams County Sheriff Dale Wagner said Tuesday his department made eight arrests Monday and Tuesday – three of which were associated with vehicle thefts.

“The vehicle was reported stolen (Tuesday) morning in the early hours, I want to say around 7 a.m., somewhere in that area. … Deputies located the vehicle within 20 minutes with the suspect involved in it that was arrested there,” Wagner said regarding the arrest of 24-year-old Elias Pablo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez joined the list of detainees at the Adams County Jail. The two others arrested in association with a suspected car theft were Tony Cantu, 43, and Maria D. Castoreno, 29. Wagner said the pair were found in a car reported stolen in early December from Othello. A search warrant was issued for the vehicle to collect additional evidence from it and the owner of the vehicle was notified. Wagner said Cantu is also being held for the possession of what is believed to be methamphetamine, though that will need to be confirmed by a lab.

The vehicle Rodriguez is being held on theft for was taken from the 300 block of Reynolds Road, near Othello, Wagner said.

Wagner added residents should be cautious when warming up their vehicles in cold weather and ensure running vehicles are locked or someone is monitoring them at all times to prevent theft. He also advised residents to use common sense precautions, such as parking in well-lit locations and locking vehicle doors.

All three will see their cases proceed in Adams County Superior Court, Wagner said.

Five other suspects also were being held on various alleged crimes.

Alexis M. Morales, 21, was arrested Monday and being held on two counts of assault involving domestic violence.

Vicente Miron Jr., 30, was arrested Tuesday for an active Washington Department of Corrections warrant. Online state records show Miron with a history of involvement with the court going back to 2015 in Adams and Grant counties.

Scott Edson, 51, was arrested Tuesday in association with an active Adams County Warrant for hit-and-run. He is also being held on avoiding the use or tampering with an ignition interlock system in the vehicle he was driving. Ignition interlocks prevent a car from starting unless an unintoxicated breath sample is provided to the device. Such devices are used in situations where the driver has a history of driving under the influence. Information was not immediately available regarding Edson’s criminal history.

Vicente Miron Sr., 53, was arrested Tuesday for multiple unspecified driving violations and active warrants in Adams County. No prior criminal records were immediately available for Miron Sr.

Amy Farroux, 49, was arrested for multiple outstanding warrants in Adams County. Farroux has four previous involvements with Adams County law enforcement going back to December 2014 according to online state records, with two of those in May and June 2021.

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