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Rosemary Triche

| March 19, 2024 10:58 AM

Rosemary Marjorie Triche, 83, formerly of Moses Lake, passed away Monday, March 11, 2024, of natural causes.

Rosemary was born July 7, 1940, in Chelmsford, Essex, England to James and Marjorie Fisher, and was raised in Maldon (known for its sea salt). The eldest of five children, Rosemary enjoyed a childhood of memories with her siblings as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins whom were dear to her. However, Rosemary was a spunky teenager with dreams of marrying a GI from the United States. Her dream came true when she met Wilson (“Buck”) Triche from Louisiana, stationed at Wethersfield Air Force Base in Essex. They were married in January of 1963, and Rosemary was proud to attend Air Force events on the arm of her handsome staff sergeant. In 1968, they welcomed Jason Lee Triche into their family, and life was never the same. Jason was Rosemary’s pride and joy. She loved sharing stories of his childhood as well as his accomplishments with anyone she met. Jason was blessed with a deep love from both of his parents and is appreciative of all they did for him.

In 1970 the dream was completed for Rosemary when the three of them moved from Essex to Louisiana where they owned a service station until the early 1970s. Looking for a change, they moved to Moses Lake where Buck had been stationed at Larson Air Force Base several years prior and had enjoyed the beauty of the area, as well as the hunting and fishing opportunities it provided. Buck and Rosemary were both employed by Basic American Foods. Rosemary worked her way into a management position and was a valued employee. 

In 1994, she gained a daughter-in-law, Stephanie. The two grew particularly close in the past few years of her life. Her grandchildren — Sophia, Natalie and Caroline — enjoyed Nana’s sense of humor, her funny sayings and the birthday cards that played music when they were opened. Rosemary had the fortune of having her young nephews Nathan and Benjamin Fisher in Moses Lake while they were growing up and she looked at them as grandchildren as well. She loved spending time with and was proud of all five of the children. She was also close with her brother Nick and his wife Mathilda, who had also moved to the Moses Lake area from England, and appreciated their friendship. Rosemary and her sister Joyce (younger by one year) shared a particular closeness. While they could disagree like sisters do, they also spent much time laughing, sharing stories, and lifting each other’s spirits. It was fun to be around them when they got together as they provided a lot of fun entertainment with their banter. She was also particularly close to Julee Mansfield who did much to support her in her last few years. Rosemary was a lifelong lover of cats and had many throughout the years. Two that were particularly special to her were Charlie and the second Charlie (both Siamese cats).

Rosemary’s favorite pastimes were being outside. She enjoyed sunbathing and being active, going on many walks, horseback riding and spending time in the mountains. She was very active in her church community and enjoyed her Bible study group where she had many friends. Her faith was at the center of her life, and she spent time every day reading the Bible and strengthening her relationship with God. 

The family has chosen to have a private celebration of her life in lieu of a funeral. They are grateful for the friends and family who supported her over the years to make her life on earth enjoyable.