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Moses Lake Wrestling Club takes sixth at folkstyle state tournament

Sports Reporter | March 11, 2024 4:11 PM

MOSES LAKE — The Moses Lake Wrestling Club took sixth as a team with 131 points at last month’s Washington State Wrestling Association’s folkstyle state tournament, seeing 29 wrestlers reach the podium at the Tacoma Dome.

“They all did really good,” said Laura Mathis, a parent liaison with the Moses Lake Wrestling Club. “We had more kids show up for the state tournament, which is always exciting to see because not only do more kids create higher scoring, but it’s good to see this many kids showing up and wrestling at that age.”

Moses Lake Wrestling Club had 57 wrestlers compete at the state tournament, a jump from the 43 that went last year.

“You do need numbers, and I’m really pleased with the number (of wrestlers) that went out and participated and represented our club,” said Jaime Garza, a coach with the MLWC. “... I think it’s a testament to a lot of the work that is going in from our board members and all those dads and moms that are involved in helping us promote and market the sport.”

Of the 29 placers, 17 placed in the top three of their respective classes; the Moses Lake wrestling club had champions in Leia Cantu (Girls K-2nd grade, 46 pounds), Duane Zamora (U16, 126 pounds), Drayden Gaither (Junior, 132 pounds), Ryan Grubb (Open, 74 pounds) and Anahi Garcia (Girls 6th-8th grade, 163 pounds).

“Moses Lake has been very strong in the wrestling area for many, many years, and these are the kids in their youth that we’re going to see at the high school level down the road,” Mathis said. “To be able to represent Moses Lake in that way is really exciting.”

Mathis credited the club’s coaching staff for guiding along wrestlers to their placings at the Tacoma Dome.

“When it really comes down to it, we have amazing coaches,” Mathis said.

The WSWA folkstyle state tournament was held the day after the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association’s high school state wrestling tournament, the Mat Classic.

“We want to give our athletes the opportunity to wrestle in high-stakes matches and tournaments,” Garza said. “... I think being able to be in that atmosphere, in that building — the night before with seeing the state finals – and (thinking), ‘Hey, someday I want to do that and get that experience.’”

WSWA Folkstyle State Results

Leia Cantu (Girls K-2nd grade, 46 pounds) - first place

Alondra Garcia (Girls K-2nd, 55 pounds) - fifth place

Molly Mathis (Girls K-2nd, 74 pounds) fifth place

Lena Wiggum (Girls 3rd-5th grade, 67 pounds) - third place

Aria Barajas (Girls 3rd-5th, 67 pounds) - fourth place

Elia Torres (Girls 3rd-5th, 78 pounds) - eighth place

Zion Martinez (U6, 65-71 pounds) - third place

Bryson Gallardo (U8, 40 pounds) - fourth place

Santino Hernandez (U8, 43 pounds) - third place

Santos Hernandez (U8, 43 pounds) - sixth place

Braxton Suarez (U8, 49 pounds) - third place

Alonso Garcia (U8, 56 pounds) - third place

Henry DeBeaumont (U8, 56 pounds) - fourth place

Robert Reffett (U8, 70 pounds) - second place

Brentley Beliz (U10, 105 pounds) - fourth place

Willy Goss (U12, 92 pounds) - third place

Darien Prescott (U14, 71 pounds) - third place

Vincent Hunt (U14, 92 pounds) - sixth place

Duane Zamora (U16, 126 pounds) - first place

Eli Anderson (U16, 215 pounds) - second place

Erick Camacho (Junior, 120 pounds) - second place

Drayden Gaither (Junior, 132 pounds) - first place

Ian Anderson (Junior, 157 pounds) - second place

Frankie Torres (Open, 61 kilograms) - fifth place

Travis Phillips (Open, 65 kilograms) - third place

Danny Barajas (Open, 79 kilograms) - fifth place

Ryan Grubb (Open, 74 kilograms) - first place

Joshua Mathis (Open, 86 kilograms) - fourth place

Anahi Garcia (Girls 6th-8th grade, 163 pounds) - first place