Tuesday, July 16, 2024

10th Annual Senior Picnic brings the color, conversation and fun

Staff Writer | June 14, 2024 3:05 AM

MOSES LAKE — The annual Senior Picnic has become something of a tradition for Bryce Newcomb and his wife, Nancy Newcomb. 

There’s always a photo booth, and attendees are encouraged to stop by and pose for a picture. 

“We’ve been to many (senior picnics), and we always do that,” Bryce Newcomb said. “And every one is on display at the house.”

The photo booth was plenty busy, with pictures sent to seniors electronically, and people throughout the crowd were checking the results on their phones. 

The Columbia Basin Networking Forum sponsored the event, and 2024 marked a decade of wild and crazy themes, a couple of years of drive-thru, food, conversation and live music, to have a fun afternoon, said chair Karisti Cox in an earlier interview. 

“Tiki Time” was the theme for 2024, and there were fabric flower leis, tropical shirts, and an occasional grass skirt. 

Pat Starcher, Sue McGargar and Joanne Gardner attended for the second year, and McGarger said it was a good chance to see friends she doesn’t get to see in her normal rounds. 

“A day out for us,” Starcher said. 

It was their second year meeting for lunch at the picnic.

“The atmosphere is nice,” Gardner said. 

McCargar saw some friends she wanted to talk to; the place was full, and Gardner offered to watch her seat. The ladies had been joking back and forth about the desirability of her seat, and McGarger said thanks, but no thanks. 

The picnic has grown so big it required a second building at the Grant County Fairgrounds. Traditionally the picnic includes an information fair with lunch. Vendor booths with information about goods and services for seniors are traditionally set up around the perimeter of the lunchroom. The booths were back for 2024, but there were so many they were moved to the 4-H building. The commercial building was still full, the space filled by additional tables. All the tables were filled, and attendees were still arriving as lunch was served.  

“It’s nice to get together,” Gardner said. 

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    A couple hits the dance floor at the annual Senior Picnic.
    Attendees at the Senior Picnic check out the results from the photo booth.
    Flower leis and tropical shirts were ubiquitous at the senior picnic Wednesday.
    A couple converses at the senior picnic.
    One of the attractions of the senior picnic, according to attendees, was a chance to meet friends or see old ones, including some they hadn’t seen in a while.
    Senior picnic attendees take a peek at the pictures from the photo booth. With this year's brightly colored luau theme, the pictures were especially fun.