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Moses Lake BMX heads into 2024 season

Sports Reporter | April 11, 2024 5:09 PM

MOSES LAKE — With the weather beginning to warm up, riders are returning to the Larson BMX Track for the 2024 season with Moses Lake BMX.

“It’s awesome. We’ve got a ton of momentum this year, and a lot of new riders so far this year,” Moses Lake BMX Track Operator Jeff Niehenke said. “A really good board, and a ton of energy to really grow the program and put on good events.”

Moses Lake BMX hosts weekly races on Saturday mornings until mid-May when the races shift to Friday nights at 7 p.m. There are also weekly practices held on Wednesdays, where riders can get a feel for the starting gate. 

While the races and practices have all been held in previous years, there are plenty of changes coming in 2024; Moses Lake BMX launched a racing league this spring, directed to beginning riders looking to get their start in the sport. 

“It’s a brand new program for us through USA BMX,” Niehenke said. “Riders get an introduction and five weeks of instruction. We actually run beginner races at that, and then they jump in with the rest of us at week six with sanctioned races.”

There are also upgrades to the track coming as well, Niehenke said. Lights will be installed this summer, allowing for additional races to be held past sunset. Moses Lake BMX held 35 races last year, and will increase to 49 races this year.

“Next spring it’ll open up midweek racing as well,” Niehenke said.

Moses Lake BMX held a spring break camp recently, which had 35 riders turn out, according to Niehenke. There were camps for beginning riders, experienced riders and even for striders – young riders that use balance bikes to make their way through the track.

“We had a really good turnout there as well,” he said. 

The first major event of the season is the state race, which will be held May 12. The track is expecting nearly 450 riders from throughout the state to be in attendance for the race, which is held in collaboration with Spokane BMX, who will be holding their state race one day prior.

“We’re really working to promote that series,” Niehenke said. “The numbers are up across all the tracks, so that’ll be a huge race at the beginning of the season here.”

The Larson BMX Track is located behind the Larson Recreation Center at 610 Yakima Avenue in Moses Lake. Those interested in finding out more about Moses Lake BMX can visit for the schedule, information on sign-ups and more.

“A lot of new faces (will be) on the track this spring,” Niehenke said.

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    As well as weekly races, riders can attend weekly practices to get familiar with the starting gate at the Larson BMX Track.