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LETTER: ‘The Herald is a gem”

| October 25, 2023 11:21 AM

Dear Editor,

The Columbia Basin Herald is the best thing going in Basin media. It might be the best thing going in the Basin period.

I don't know how you do such a fantastic job of covering so many different aspects of Basin life, especially when you consider how we are spread out over such a large area. I really appreciate the great color pics and the in-depth articles on government and agri-business.

The Herald is a major catalyst in bringing us together through raising our consciousness of our shared interests. We encourage everybody to subscribe to the paper.

Reading it daily will elevate you in many different ways, especially as an informed citizen.

Our website/FB has for the past twenty years promoted the positive in the Soap Lake area. We realize how key local media is in building better communities.  We know the importance of a  good local newspaper.   The Herald is a gem.  Like I said, the CBH is the best thing going in the Basin.

Burr Beckwith

Eileen Beckwith

Soap Lake

From the Editor: 

Thank you Burr and Eileen,

The Columbia Basin Herald team works hard to make sure we cover as much as possible. There’s a lot of activity going on in Grant and Adams counties and, while we can’t get to it all, we cover as much as we possibly can. Our goal is to help residents be informed about things that impact them in their daily lives. Things like electric rates, property taxes, community events and what’s happening in local schools. 

We appreciate the kudos and we’ll do everything we can to keep making the paper better each day.

I love hearing from readers and encourage all of our readers to send me a letter to the editor. Please keep it within 600 words and email your letter to me at In light of election season, please note that we do not print endorsements for political office as letters to the editor.

Thank you for your readership,

R. Hans “Rob” Miller, Managing Editor