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LETTER: A nod of respect for middle school athletes

| October 11, 2023 1:11 PM

Middle school is a great new experience for kids, including the opportunity, for the first time, to play sports for their respective school. Playing other schools, traveling, wearing school uniforms.

What do they learn from middle school sports? Sportsmanship, practice attendance, the game itself and keeping good grades to be eligible. Plus making friends.

The experience they have playing middle school sports may determine whether they continue to play in high school – maybe even college. Maybe at this level, they haven’t hit their full growth or potential. Most likely this is true.

Years ago – when I was involved in softball and baseball (team mom/scorekeeper) my husband, Jesse, a coach – it was a rule that each player play a minimum of two innings. This game time should be the same in middle school. If they go to practices and are considered a team member, they are entitled to some playing time!

Winning a game is great, but middle school is not the Super Bowl, World Cup or March Madness. It should be where kids are given a chance to learn how to play a game. It may be the only chance for a family to watch their kiddo in a game situation.

I realize coaches are busy coaching. But, I’m sure there is someone that could be delegated to make sure that each player gets their rightful playing time. At the middle school level is it fair that some players play 70-80% of the time and others 0%. I think not.

It would be great if the high school coaches would encourage the middle school coaches to give the players all a chance to play. It may encourage them to continue on.

If you feel the same as I do, write your letter to the editor.

Joan M. Green

Moses Lake