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Ephrata Parks and Recreation makes spring plans

| March 28, 2023 1:30 AM

EPHRATA – The Ephrata Parks and Recreation department has created a number of new events for spring, and Ephrata Recreation Supervisor Josh Johnson said the city has a number of upcoming programs for residents.

The core mission of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life for Ephrata residents through classes, events and activities, Johnson said. Upcoming spring events include a cornhole league and a dance program, as examples.

Currently, there are plans for a flashlight egg hunt for teenagers set for the first weekend of spring break. There is also the potential for a youth soccer clinic to start up this spring, but a coach is needed in order to start the team, he said. Those seeking to volunteer for the program can call the city at the number listed at the bottom of this article.

The department is also taking the time to prepare for the summer. In particular, they are hiring staff in advance of the opening of Splash Zone which is usually set for early June, he said.

“We’re taking applications, we’re getting all the dates lined up for opening day, for training, all that stuff,” Johnson said.

Splash Zone is accepting applications for all positions including aquatic manager, lifeguards, front desk and concessions, pool aid and maintenance, he said.

The department also has some year-round programs. Johnson said there is an open gym pick-up basketball program and a program called SuperTot Sports which gives local children a positive introduction to an active and healthy lifestyle, both of which run all year.

There is also a year-round fitness class that involves the light use of dumbbells with a bit of dancing known as Hit Exercise, Johnson said.

Sam’s Dance is another program that is offered all year except for in the summer. This program offers youth dance classes beginning with toddlers through eighth grade, he said. There are other programs that are sprinkled throughout the year as well, including Little Dribblers, which is usually held late winter.

“Kind of like for little guys we do little dribblers,” Johnson said. “We usually do those about two times a year and it’s just like a six-week program.”

The department also helps local organizations with their youth sports activities, Johnson said, such as the Boys and Girls Youth basketball leagues are both offered in the winter and Youth Flag Football which usually starts around the beginning of September.

For more information on Ephrata Parks and Recreation’s events check out their website or call Ephrata City Hall at 509-754-4601.

Caleb Perez is a graduate of Moses Lake High School and a communications student at Big Bend Community College.


Jake Johnson is the supervisor for Ephrata Parks and Recreation. He helps plan, organize and orchestrate events happening in the community.