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Working Families Tax Credit boosts Washington families

| March 16, 2023 1:00 AM

Through my working with Yakima Rotary Food Bank (partnering with Community Services of Moses Lake) and Washington's Faith Action Network (a multi-faith advocacy coalition), I especially appreciate faith communities across our region supporting neighbors who need food, transportation and other emergency assistance. We know one unexpected medical bill or another can put an entire young family into a spiral of crisis. So, it’s very important we spread the word about a new Washington tax credit of up to $1,200 (qualifying families with four children) available across Washington, starting right now.

South-Central Washington neighbors who don’t know about the credit may end up missing out on this helpful, family-investment support. Neighbors undocumented as immigrant workers, who have been left out of other relief programs, are eligible, as they’re working and paying taxes too. And some neighbors are paying unfair portions of wages into Washington’s taxes, funding schools, roads, et cetera, to support our region's collective well-being. Let’s help encourage them to apply for their families’ tax relief.

Washington’s Working Families Tax Credit expands community “emergency charities” to help working, tax-paying folk get annual support –help to avoid more emergencies. Low- to moderate-income workers across our state need to apply now at or find free application assistance at

Eric Don Anderson