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Moses Lake Wrestling Club hits the mat in Tacoma

Sports Reporter | March 1, 2023 5:56 AM

TACOMA – Just after the Mat Classic ended for high school wrestlers, youth wrestlers from the Moses Lake Wrestling Club traveled to the Tacoma Dome to compete in a state tournament.

Moses Lake placed 12th out of the 106 teams that participated in the tournament.

“We had 43 that went and 25 placed this year,” said Johana Hunt, vice president of the Moses Lake Wrestling Club. “We had a little more people go. Some are brand-new kids, some are experienced kids.”

Hunt said the experience of wrestling in the Tacoma Dome helps wrestlers get a feel for what it’s like once they reach high school, as well as take home a neat experience.

“Some of them get to experience it all in front of them as they have older siblings that wrestle at the Mat Classic, so they can picture and familiarize themself there,” Hunt said. “They’re all pretty positive, all pretty excited of attending state.”

Moses Lake Wrestling Club offers youth wrestling to those ages 5-14 and its season lasts from September through the beginning of May.

“Any time they go out on the mat, they are the one that decides whether or not they win that match,” Hunt said. “It teaches them a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie as a team, hard work, and self-improvement when they don’t win a match.”

Even though the season started in September, Hunt said that the Moses Lake Wrestling Club is always open to new signups. Those interested can find more information at

“We just want to bring wrestling back into the community,” Hunt said. “We were strong at one point, and we want to continue to be building strong wrestlers for the future.”

Moses Lake Wrestling Club Placers

Eli Anderson (U14, 187), first place

Brantley Beliz (U8, 85-plus), first place

Lena Wiggum (Girls Grade 1-5, 56-60), first place

Addilynn Barajas (Girls Grade 1-5, 46-50), second place

Willy Goss (U12, 86), second place

Maximiliano Hunt (U6, 44-47), second place

Vincent Hunt (U12, 78), second place

Zion Martinez (U6, 55-60), second place

Lorenzo Castro (U8, 85), third place

Drayden Gaither (U16, 132), third place

Adan Hunt (U10, 84), third place

Sawyer Parker (U6, 58-50), third place

Braxton Suarez (U8, 45), third place

Aryn Anderson (U12, 160), fifth place

Aria Barajas (Girls Grade 1-5, 59-64), fifth place

Royce Barajas (U6, 38-40), fifth place

Trenton Vasquez (U16, 126), fifth place

Elia Torres (Girls Grade 1-5, 66-72), sixth place

Oliver Santana (U8, 62), sixth place

Andrew Barajas (U8, 56), seventh place

Evan Tanguma (U6, 47-48), seventh place

Ian Anderson (U16, 145), eighth place

Remy Hernandez (U8, 49), eighth place

Ariah Torres (U12, 86), eighth place

Jose Villafana (U14, 92), eighth place

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to fix inaccuracies in the results section.