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LETTER: Judges support Gigliotti for Superior Court Judge

| October 27, 2022 12:03 PM

Casting an informed vote in a judicial race is often challenging. Judges are required to be non-partisan and must refrain from making statements or promises that could compromise their ability to act as a neutral decision maker. Unless you know the candidates personally, or have the chance to watch them in court, it can be difficult to decide who to vote for.

Judge Anna Gigliotti is endorsed by the Presiding Judges of both Superior and District Courts of Grant County, as well as by current and retired judges at every level of the State judiciary. She is endorsed by attorneys appearing on both sides of the criminal legal system, including the current and former elected prosecutors, deputy prosecutors, privately retained and publically appointed defense attorneys, the police chiefs of every major city in Grant County, and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Grant County. Judge Gigliotti is also endorsed by attorneys practicing in all areas of civil law, including former heads of the Grant County Bar Association.

Many of our State and County’s elected officials and the vast majority of the people who have gotten to know Anna and listen to her speak passionately about our community and our justice system, also stand strongly behind her. Integrity, intelligence, and impartiality are the most important traits a judge can have.

We support Judge Anna Gigliotti because she always shows, every day, that she possesses these qualities. She will continue to be an asset to Grant County.

Judges Tyson Hill, John Antosz (retired), Brian Barlow, Janis Whitener-Moberg (retired), Richard Fitterer (retired)

Editor’s note: While some letters to the editor may contain political endorsements, the Columbia Basin Herald does not endorse any one candidate for elected office. The paper encourages all readers to research candidates thoroughly prior to casting their votes.

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