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LETTER: Judges endorse Melissa Chlarson

| October 24, 2022 12:51 PM

We are both judges, and we collectively have in excess of 60 years of experience as lawyers and judges. Based on our years of experience, we have both reached the same conclusion, which is that Melissa Chlarson is the better choice for the Grant County Superior Court.

There are two primary considerations that prompted our endorsement of Melissa Chlarson, the first of which is that she is a lifelong Grant County resident (born in Quincy and raised in Moses Lake). In contrast, her opponent migrated to Grant County from western Washington approximately five years ago. People are shaped by the culture in which they are raised and influenced by the environment in which they reside. Being born and raised in Grant County has meaning, particularly when Melissa’s opponent was born and raised in an environment which is radically different from Grant County.

The other key consideration that led to our joint endorsement is that Melissa Chlarson has substantially more judicial experience than her opponent. Experience matters in most professions, including the legal profession. Melissa also has substantially more judicial experience in handling difficult family law cases, and difficult family law cases are heard in Grant County Superior Court.

Both of us have worked with and observed Melissa for many years, and both of us agree that she will hear courteously, consider solemnly, answer wisely and decide impartially. Melissa Chlarson is the better choice for Grant County Superior Court. Please join us in voting for Melissa Chlarson.

Judge John Knodell

Grant County Superior Court

Judge Nick Wallace

Grant County District Court

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