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Building permits for Oct. 7, 2022

| October 5, 2022 1:48 PM

Unincorporated Grant County

Sept. 10-16

Troy Lambert, 13000 block of Road Q Northwest, Quincy, well house, $4,,500.

Ruben and Bertha C. Novoa, 5000 block of Northeast Crystal Springs Place, Moses Lake, addition to residence, $63,000.

Cody and Kati Miller, 12000 block of Road A Southeast, Othello, shop, $108,000.

Tanner L. and Shanel A. Halley, 28012 Dry Coulee Road Northeast, Soap Lake, storage, $252,000.

Jose and Yolanda Mendoza Barajas Mata, 24100 Road T.7 SW, Mattawa, manufactured home, $70,440.

RBR Shop LLC, 1400 block of Road 31.3 Northeast, Coulee City, storage, $46,800.

Clifford D. and Lisa Gariano, 7900 block of Northeast Dahl Road, Moses Lake, new residence, $189,000.

Monty and Sonia Sabin, 8100 block of Southeast Dune Lake Road, Moses Lake, new residence, $316,190.

Kalani Damien and Stephanie Lynn Almeida, 200 block of Southwest Davidson Road, Mattawa, new residence, $175,340.

Rodolfo Zamora Gamboa, 10100 block of Road T.3 NW, Quincy, manufactured home, $38,070.

Aleksander and Aslla Tkachenko, 5000 block of Road 6.5 NE, Moses Lake, new residence, $304400.

Permit issued: 11. Total valuation: $1,567,780.

Sept. 17-23

Peter and Caroline Beavers, 25100 block of Southwest Vantage Street, Quincy, new residence, $384,940.

Michael W. Repp, 6200 block of Northeast Mae Valley Road, Moses Lake, deck, $1,720.

Keith I. And Sheryl Davis et. al., 18000 block of Road 5 Northwest, Quincy, storage, $40,320.

Mark A. and Brenda K. Bise, 4600 block of East Highway 28, Soap Lake, shop, $49,920.

Dean and Nancy Callahan, 13400 block of Road H Southwest, Royal City, manufactured home, $53,760.

Karen J. Powers, 9900 block of East Highway 2, Coulee City, storage, $16,200.

Herlin and Telitha Villalta, 17900 block of Road A.2 Northwest, Ephrata, manufactured home, $54,130.

Permits issued: 8 (not all shown). Total valuation: $601,130.

Sept. 24-30

Holly Arriola, 5600 block of Road 4.4 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $200,000.

William H. Turnbull Jr., 4200 block of Road E Northwest, Ephrata, new residence, $72,000.

David R. and Claire Tollfeldt, 700 block of Southwest Sunset Boulevard, Mattawa, framing, $1,750.

Garrett Widmer, 10400 block of Northeast Kory Lane, Moses Lake, storage, $36,000.

Jose Luis Ramirez, 14400 block of Road 13 Northwest, Quincy, new residence, $275,900.

Jennifer Erickson, 700 block of Road P.5 Southwest, Quincy, manufactured home, $62,640.

Bruce and Melinda Olswang Racine, 9200 block of Northwest Riverview Way, Quincy, loft, $10,500.

Hedith and Carrie Hernandez, 6800 block of Road 10 Northwest, Ephrata, patio cover, $4,050.

Ron Attaway, 8800 block of Northwest Crescent Bar Road, Quincy, patio cover, $3,000.

Antonio Gonzalez et. al., 2300 block of Road 10.5 Northeast, Moses Lake, manufactured home, $55,440.

Yuriy and Olesia Fedas, 5000 block of Northeast Viking Road, Moses Lake, new residence, $382,350.

Permits issued: 17 (not all shown). Total valuation: $1,112,630.

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