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Basin cross country teams face off

Staff Writer | October 1, 2022 4:39 PM

QUINCY - Several Basin teams faced off Thursday at the second annual Windermere Central Basin Colockum Clash in Quincy.

The meet was held at Colockum Ridge Golf Course and featured six teams; Brewster, Cashmere, Moses Lake, Omak, Quincy and Soap Lake.

Moses Lake came out on top in both the girls and boys races. Quincy, as a team, placed third in the boys and fourth in the girls.

Here’s how boys from the Basin did:

1st place Moses Lake senior Ethan LaBonte 17:32

2nd place Moses Lake sophomore Jonathan Roueche 17:59

3rd place Moses Lake senior Sam Elliott 18:15

4th place Moses Lake junior Brodie Holland 18:24

5th place Moses Lake sophomore Jesse Humpherys 18:25

6th place Moses Lake senior Logan Labonte 18:30

8th place Quincy junior Levi Kukes 18:44

9th place Moses Lake sophomore Niko Rimple 18:58

12th place Quincy junior Yanik Bautista 19:42

16th place Quincy senior Edgar Guzman 20:23

17th place Quincy junior Alexis Birrueta 20:37

24th place Quincy senior Adiel Sandoval 21:36

28th place Quincy junior Emmanuel Birrueta 22:21

30th place Quincy freshman Sergio Esparza 23:11

  1. Soap Lake freshman Issac Contreras 23:17
  2. Soap Lake freshman Jocsan Sanchez-cruz 25:52
  3. Soap Lake freshman Xavier Robinson 33:25

Here’s how girls from the Basin did:

1st place Moses Lake senior Camryn Holterhoff 20:54

3rd place Moses Lake junior Sylvie Gephart 22:01

4th place Moses Lake sophomore Rianne Nelson 22:01.09

5th place Moses Lake senior Marissa Bischoff 22:28

11th place Moses Lake sophomore Eowyn Hardebeck 24:33

12th place Moses Lake junior Ambar Salas 24:34

13th place Quincy junior Crystal Espinoza 24:36

14th place Moses Lake junior Katelynn Lustig 24:41

19th place Quincy senior Luz Aragon 27:45

20th place Moses Lake freshman Morgen Holt 27:48

21st place Moses Lake freshman Natalie Bischoff 27:52

22nd place Quincy senior Marisol Uribe 27:55

24th place Moses Lake sophomore Vanessa Perez 28:35

25th place Quincy senior Marissa Tafolla 28:40

27th place Quincy sophomore Brenda Uribe 29:44

28th place Quincy senior Dulce Bautista 30:03

29th place Moses Lake senior Jayden Nordstrom 30:37

30th place Moses Lake freshman Mirika Uber 32:06

31st place Moses Lake freshman Jannah Salas 33:44

34th place Quincy senior Jasmine Vasquez 34:13

35th place Moses Lake junior Atziry Chavez 34:22

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Rebecca Pettingill

Two Moses Lake runners start out the race together at Colockum Ridge Golf Course.


Rebecca Pettingill

Moses Lake senior Ethan LaBonte came in first with a time of 17:32.


Rebecca Pettingill

Quincy junior Crystal Espinoza smiles as she runs the race.

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