Tuesday, March 28, 2023

LETTER: Voting for Patty Murray

| November 3, 2022 10:09 AM

For U.S. Senator, I am voting once again for Senator Patty Murray. I won’t – and just can’t – take a chance on anyone else. Since 1992, Patty Murray has helped community leaders, myself included, in showing farmworker and other poor families a pathway toward living a safer and healthy and better-educated way of life by maintaining funding for community health clinics and the WIC family nutritional program, and educational training for more medical doctors and nurses and dentists.

And as the establisher of the Moses Lake Community Health Center in 1978, who helped to train many nurses from that community and who helped began the WIC family nutrition program in our state in 1972, and a U. S. Navy warship veteran, I say this to every child day care center provider, and community health clinic operator, and field and orchard farmer and dairy operator who depends on health care clinics to keep their field and dairy workers healthy:

Vote For Patty Murray. Do not take a high-risk chance on any other candidate. And I thank you for helping to re-elect her.

Guillermo V. Castaneda


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