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Moses Lake steps out for Brews & Tunes

Staff Writer | March 23, 2022 1:20 AM

MOSES LAKE - The Downtown Moses Lake Association held their annual Brews & Tunes event on March 19.

“It's just so fun to see people and this time of year is perfect. People are tired of winter, they want to get out. They want to just enjoy themselves and listen to music and have good beer,” said Moses Lake resident Lisa Porter, who was at the event with her husband James.

This year’s event had many members happy to be getting out of the house.

The Porters said they enjoy going to Brews & Tunes not only for the music, but also to see people that they know that they don’t normally get to see very often out in the community.

This year’s Brews & Tunes featured 12 breweries and eight musical acts including individual musicians and bands.

From their tastings, Lisa’s favorite was Buzz on Blackberry from Whipsaw Brewing and James’s was The Fang from Burwood Brewing.

They added that they thought this was a great way for members of the community to meet new people.

“I think it's really good that they're trying to do things to bring people together across divides, where people are used to being in their own little group where they feel comfortable and safe. This gets them out and experiencing different people that they might not get to contact with in other ways,” said Lisa.

James said responsible drinking also helps loosen people up and be more open to talking to new people.

Whipsaw Brewing, based out of Ellensburg, was one of a dozen breweries that participated in Brews & Tunes. Their tastings were set up at Settler’s Natural Market.

Karley Bentler, a representative for Whipsaw, said this wasn’t their first year at Brews & Tunes and they come out to connect with the community and show that they are here.

“Right now we're making moves to do distribution here in Moses Lake so getting us out here being a part of the general public and having people that haven't found our spots yet, now we get to tell them ‘Yeah, well, it's out here and here,’” said Pauly Duke, Sales Director for Whipsaw Brewing. “The biggest thing at the end of the day is coming back to a form of normalcy. I'm going to do every event that I can this year, because it's important for people to come out, enjoy each other, enjoy music and just have a blast.”

Whipsaw brought two of their brews called Buzz on Blackberry and Knotty Brunette.

Bentler said Knotty Brunette is an amber ale and Buzz on Blackberry is an American wheat with blackberry undertones.

She explained that the Buzz on Blackberry is the beer that allowed them to open their tap room. Whipsaw Brewing’s lead brewer's wife said if they could make her a beer she liked, then they could open a tap room. That beer ended up being the Buzz on Blackberry, Bentler said.

Buzz on Blackberry is the brewery’s top seller and they recommend it to anyone who doesn't like beer, Bentler. She described the Knotty Brunette as a classic, darker beer for the people who like an IPA or darker beer.

“I thought it went really well,” said Lexi Smith, executive director of the DMLA.

She explained the association limited the event to 350 tickets because they weren’t sure what guidelines might be in place due to COVID-19 when planning the event. As COVID-19-related restrictions ease though, they’re planning to bring back open mic nights this summer with details to be announced in the future. The next event planned by the DMLA is the Sip & Stroll event on Sept. 17 of this year. Smith said the committee is raising the number of tickets available for Brews & Tunes in 2023 in anticipation of the pandemic further winding down. That way, the town can celebrate together again.

“We were so happy to have everyone downtown,” said Smith.

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Ten Pin Brewing representative John Wagner talks to Ephrata resident Jessika Tempel about their selections at Brews & Tunes on March 19.



Ten Pin Brewing, who was set up in Windermere K2 Realty, had a variety of their beer on tap and displayed for people to try.



Community members got to mingle with some of the bands and musicians at Brews & Tunes March 19. Above, a couple talk to Rylei Franks who was performing inside Windermere K2 Realty.



Tom and Eric Nibarger, from Coulee City, had a blast playing cornhole at one of the games set up outside the Brews & Tunes participating businesses on March 19.



Lake City Blues was the ‘tunes’ performing at Michael’s Market & Bistro for Brews & Tunes on March 19.

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