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Soap Lake shuts down personal fireworks

Staff Writer | June 9, 2022 1:20 AM

SOAP LAKE — The City of Soap Lake issued a press release on June 6 stating that the use of fireworks would be drastically reduced this year.

“With the large crowds and vendors gathering for the Suds-N-Sun event planned this July 2 and 3, there is an increased danger to the public from accidents created by the personal use of fireworks,” the release stated. “Therefore, personal fireworks will not be allowed in the city from 5 p.m. July 1 through noon on the Fourth this year.”

However, the release said the personal use of fireworks in the city would be allowed at East Beach also known as Smokiam Park, on the Fourth of July until midnight.

This comes after Grant County Fire Protection District 7 Chief Kirk Sheppard asked the Soap Lake City Council to support his recommendation of the prohibition during the meeting on June 1.

He explained that because East Beach is the only place in Soap Lake city limits where people are allowed to discharge fireworks, and that’s also the location of the Suds-N-Sun event, there were a lot of ways for people to be injured or property to be damaged.

“So, I recommend to the city that you all just say, ‘Yeah, we’d like to see public safety step up,’ and we just tell folks they can’t discharge fireworks,” Sheppard said in the meeting.

The release encourages people to attend and watch the Suds-N-Sun professional firework display on July 3.

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