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Summer Classic brings barrel racing to the Basin

Sports Reporter | July 31, 2022 3:17 PM

MOSES LAKE — The Columbia Basin Barrel Racing Club held its Summer Classic Race at the Grant County Fairgrounds this weekend, bringing in nearly 100 riders.

“The different divisions go by age, and then the open is available to everyone.” CBBRC Secretary Jamie Bessette said. “So for example, a lot of people will run in multiple events and they'll run in the open, like my daughter, she'll run in the open and then she'll run in the youth because of her age group. Then she runs in something called the novice, because that means the horse has not won enough money to be considered experienced.”

The races began at 8 a.m. on Saturday. They were set to originally start at 10 a.m. but were moved up two hours to combat the current heat wave that is in effect across the Pacific Northwest.

“So we typically start a race at 10 a.m., but we started at eight this morning, just predicting that the weather was going to be quite warm,” Bessette said. “And we were able to run the full race. So that was really nice.”

Attendance at the race for riders also saw a slight decrease due to the heat as well.

“We had several people that were coming in from Montana, but because of the heat, they chose not to drive that far,” CBBRC President Laurie Coombs said.

The race format was also designated as a roll over, where riders take their time from the first race and apply it to the second. This was chosen to have riders out of the late-day heat, keeping all in attendance safe.

“It's been a while since we've rolled for a second race, but due to the heat, it's just better for all of the athletes,” Bessette said. “The two-footed ones and the four-footed ones.”

As for the Open #1 race winners, Bailey Wallis and her horse JetBKusImaFrenchman “JJ” finished in 15.726 seconds for a $214.79 prize in the Division I race. Brina Kay Holden and her horse WC Sweet Investment finished the Division II race in 16.249 seconds for a $189.99 prize. In the Division III race, Justina Fisher and her horse AintIAFamousFrnchGuy finished in 16.733 seconds for a $165.21 prize. Dani Koelzer and her horse Kus Im Honored finished in 17.235 seconds for a $195.79 prize in the Division IV race. Angleina Wilke and her horse Leah finished the Division V race in 18.190 seconds for a $161.23 prize.

Hadley Koelzer and her horse Heidi won the PeeWee race with a time of 20.688 seconds. In the Youth race, Millie Baumberger and her horse Cooper finished in 16.699 seconds for a $28.57 prize. Tylar Decker and her horse Heres Tinas Girl finished with a time of 16.773 seconds for a $22.85 prize in the Novice race. In the Senior race, Abril Avena and her horse Move Over Boys finished in 16.499 seconds for a $54.26 prize.

One of Saturday’s races also served as a qualifier for a future meet at the Grant County Fairgrounds.

“They have to pay for their races to count in order to go to a state finals,” race secretary Jamie Quillan said “So, one of (Saturday’s) races allowed people to get races in, in order to qualify for the Northwest Barrel Horse Association finals that will be held in that arena in September.”

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Riders Bailey Wallis, Brina Kay Holden, Justina Fisher, Dani Koelzer and Angleina Wilke took home prizes for their efforts on the course with their horses.

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