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Hot Dog!

Staff Writer | July 8, 2022 1:20 AM

RITZVILLE — Ritzville has a new restaurant in town, one that brings a unique twist to food normally seen in a restaurant.

“It's been fun, we’ve had a really great turnout,” said owner Jackeline Pacheco. “Ritzville has been very welcoming.”

Porky’s Clubhouse Grill is located at 104 E Tenth Ave, right next to Ritzville City Park on the Northwest side of the Ritzville Golf Course.

Many people know them better though as Porky’s Hot Dogs, a gourmet hot dog truck that frequents Moses Lake and Coulee City amongst other venues.

They aren’t just regular hot dogs though unless that's what you’re looking for. Porky’s Hot Dogs serves hot dogs wrapped in bacon, filled with cream cheese, wrapped in a pepper and even a hotdog within another hot dog. They of course come with almost any topping one could wish for.

Porky’s buns are also not normal hot dog buns, they are specially made rolls that are fluffier and larger than regular buns to be able to handle the special hot dogs served at the restaurant.

Pacheco said that they catered the Golf Course in December for the Christmas Tree Lighting so when the restaurant building became available, they were offered the spot.

While the hot dog truck only offers hot dogs, she is enjoying expanding their menu at the golf course and experimenting with what options work best.

Porky’s Clubhouse Grill offers all their hot dogs plus salads, shrimp or fish tacos, burgers, sandwiches and other dishes. She said they offer more at the clubhouse not just because it is on the golf course, but because they have indoor seating and more space there than at their truck.

The restaurant is also working on getting its liquor license, so the menu is not done expanding yet.

Pacheco said their tacos have been very popular amongst customers so far and shrimp tacos are one of her personal favorites.

Dale Stevenson of Lind had fish tacos and said they were incredible.

“Great service and great food,” Stevenson said.

Sandra Weigand and Ann Anderson said they really like the food and have been there multiple times already.

“So far I really like the food here, they’re really friendly, the menu is not too expensive,” said Weigand.

Porky’s has seen customers from all over; some from right in Ritzville, while some who are familiar with her truck have come from Moses Lake or even travelers just stopping by on their journeys since they are only a few miles off I-90, Pacheco said

Pacheco said that they only opened Porky’s Hot Dogs a year ago, Porky’s Clubhouse Grill a month ago and that they hope to open another restaurant in Wenatchee this next year.

Pacheco said she got her start by selling the hotdogs out of her home. She had always made them for her family and friends but over time, requests for her food just kept coming in so she decided to go all in and start a business. She said she had hoped her business would grow like it has but never fully expected it.

“It’s been fun. It's been exciting for sure,” said Pacheco.

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Fish and shrimp tacos are available on Porky’s Clubhouse Grill’s menu that is different from their usual offerings at their hot dog truck.



Porky’s Clubhouse Grill just opened in Ritzville last month and is an expansion of Porky’s Hot Dogs, a food truck that serves the northern portion of Grant County.



Porky’s Clubhouse Grill has been busy since its opening and owner Jackeline Pacheco says that Ritzville has been very welcoming to her and her business.



The restaurant offers a beautiful view of the green Ritzville Golf Course. Soon, golfers will be able to stop into Porky’s for an adult beverage, once the diner gets its liquor license.



Porky’s Clubhouse Grill is located at 104 E Tenth Ave, right next to Ritzville City Park on the North West side of the Ritzville Golf Course.

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