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Moses Lake Wrestling Club’s Little Guy registration open

by Rebecca Pettingill
Staff Writer | January 26, 2022 1:00 AM

MOSES LAKE – The Little Guy season of the Moses Lake Wrestling Club is fast approaching.

With registration due Friday, kids could get a chance to build confidence and contribute to the foundation that has created so many Moses Lake state wrestling champions, said coach Ariel Garza.

He said the club is a way for kids to build their skills prior to high school and keep kids active and connected with other kids.

Garza said skills he learned as a wrestler still help him to this day. He said when things get hard, he thinks back to how he would have dealt with them as a wrestler and applies it to whatever problem he is facing. He wants to do the same thing for other kids in the Moses Lake area through the club.

The club is open to all kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, boys and girls, from inside or outside Moses Lake. Cost to join the club is a $50 fee and a $25 per month in dues.

William Goss Sr., whose son wrestles in the Moses Lake Wrestling Club, said he started his son in the program when he was 4. His son, who is about to be 10 years old, is now placing at most of the tournaments in which he participates.

Goss is also a coach with the club and said he feels the club is a good environment for kids, and wrestling builds self accountability and teaches kids to be better teammates to each other.

Goss said he wrestled growing up and was a two-time state champion runner-up in his home state of Wyoming.

The Little Guy season is open to any kids ages 5-14. The season is one month of practice paired with four tournaments within a 45-minute drive of Moses Lake. To join, the fee, along with an extra $8 Little Guy fee, is required. Visit the Moses Lake Wrestling Club’s Facebook for more information.

Below are the first place winners from the Moses Lake Wrestling Club at the last two tournaments they attended.

Washington State Wrestling Association Winter Challenge 2022:

• Braxton Suarez in the 6U Pee Wee 35-41-pound weight class

• Moises Cosmes Jr. in the 8U 45-50-pound class and 8U 45-48-pound weight class

• Oliver Santana in the 8U 51-55-pound weight class

• Elia Torres in the Elementary Girls 61-61-pound weight class

• Ian Anderson took first in the Middle School Boys 112-124-pound weight class and Middle School Boys 120-125-pound weight class

• Eli Anderson in the Middle School Boys 127-149-pound weight class

Oregon Wrestling Classic Kids & Cadet Tournament 2022:

• Willy Goss took the 10U 84-pound weight class

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