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Bergman next chief of Quincy public schools

Staff Writer | January 10, 2022 1:05 AM

QUINCY — At a special meeting late Tuesday, the Quincy School Board named Assistant Superintendent Nik Bergman the district’s new superintendent.

The decision followed the announcement on Dec. 29 from John Boyd he was stepping down as superintendent of the 3,000-student district to take up the position of superintendent of the 23,000-student Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver.

“We’re happy with the job he’s done and felt that he was ready to move into the job,” Quincy School Board President Jack Foglesong said of Bergman. “He’s basically been doing the job.”

Bergman, a native of Davenport and a father of four who has worked in the Quincy School District for the last 18 years — six of them as assistant superintendent — said he was excited and “very humbled” to have been named to the post.

“I’ve lived my entire life on the eastern side of the state,” the 42-year-old Bergman said. “Quincy is definitely home.”

Bergman said dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been the toughest challenge he has faced during his time as an educator, but he has also been gratified seeing teachers, students and their families respond to the pandemic “in amazing ways.”

“We’ve had to close classrooms, but not close schools,” Bergman said. “We’re still fighting COVID, and we’re committed to keeping the schools open.”

Bergman, who started out teaching history and English, said one of the roles he enjoyed most as assistant superintendent was working side-by-side to help school principals become better leaders because the job is all about helping teachers and their students succeed.

“Next to teachers, principals have the single biggest impact on students,” he said. “Leadership coaching is my favorite piece of the job.”

According to a press release from the Quincy School Board, Bergman and Boyd “will work together on a transition plan.”

Foglesong said once Boyd leaves for Evergreen in mid-February, the board will begin searching for a new assistant superintendent.

“We anticipate a full process, including interviews,” he said.

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