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Lonestar headlines Grant Co. Fair

Staff Writer | August 22, 2022 3:29 PM

MOSES LAKE — Longtime country band Lonestar took the stage and gave fans live performances of classic hits and new sounds Aug. 18 at the Grant County Fair.

“Are y’all ready to have some fun?” said lead vocalist Drew Womack.

Keyboardist Dean Sams said Lonestar has been playing together as a band for nearly 30 years. The band has a long string of hits, including 10 that have hit the top of the country charts.

“We just love Lonestar,” said Darlene Przybylski, who had staked out a seat in the front row of general admission.

She and husband Rick selected a Lonestar song for the first dance at their wedding a few years ago, she said.

“We want to hear that song again,” she said. “We’re looking forward to it.”

Deanna Martinez said there was a reason she was at the fairgrounds on a very hot summer night.

“Of course, Lonestar,” she said.

Sams joked that not all Lonestar fans are as enthusiastic about all their songs. While talking to the audience he said band members pay attention to the crowd.

“We watch people, y’all know,” he said.

There was, for instance, a seating mixup about three rows from the stage.

“Did y’all get it figured out?” he asked.

And there’s always a guy who really just wants to go home, Sams said. At the Moses Lake concert, he said that guy was three or four rows back, waiting for them to play that song, the one that appealed to his significant other.

“Please, just do the song, so she’s happy,” Sams quoted that guy as thinking. “Please, just do the song, so I can go home.”

But Sams told him to settle in — it was going to take a while. Lonestar had a lot of music to play.

Womack told the audience the band was releasing a new album this fall, a re-recording of their No. 1 hits. The “10 to 1” album reflects songs the band has been playing for years, sometimes for decades, and how they’ve evolved, according to information on the band’s website.

Band members still like playing music together, Sams said.

“We just show up (to play),” he said. “It could be, like, three people or - a lot of people.”

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Drew Womak of Lonestar at the microphone at the Moses Lake concert on Aug. 18.



The country group Lonestar performs in Moses Lake during the Grant County Fair. The group began playing together in 1992, and while a few members have changed out, they’re still going strong in the country music scene.

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