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Ephrata tennis league raises money for EHS program

Sports Reporter | August 10, 2022 1:41 PM

EPHRATA – The Tuesday Night Tennis League at Ephrata High School concluded Tuesday night, wrapping up its four-evening schedule.

“I think it was a big hit,” Ephrata girl’s tennis head coach Britney Maclaod said. “We raised quite a bit (more) money than what we’re used to getting. For us, that was a huge bonus.”

The league successfully raised enough money to purchase a new ball machine, as well as mitigate costs that come up throughout the season.

Finishing its third year, the league saw a sharp uptick in participation.

“Our first year doing this we had just a handful of teams,” Macleod said. “They were just kind of our own kids from our own program. This year, it really took off - the first night we had about 30 teams kind of filling all the courts and whatnot.”

The league held games each Tuesday night from July 19 through Aug. 9 at the Ephrata High School tennis courts and brought in players from around the basin. Macleod said most of the participants this year were Ephrata tennis players or alumni, with a strong showing from residents of Moses Lake as well.

“A majority of it will usually be kids from our program,” Maclaod said, “Just that they want to play, and they kick back to our program a little bit. But, we had a ton of Moses Lake people - probably more than 50% of the teams this year are from Moses Lake.”

Even other high school tennis coaches from Basin schools made appearances at the games.

“I did it last year, and then it was on a Facebook page of some sort,” Soap Lake tennis coach Lee Leavell said. “I just thought it’d be a good idea.”

Players of all ages had taken to the courts over the previous weeks.

“Tennis is not everybody’s first choice, but it’s such a nice lifestyle sport,” Maclaod said. “It’s fun to see the younger kids come out - those who’ve graduated and just those who enjoy the game.”

Maclaod was appreciative of those who turned out for the league and made it a success for the Ephrata tennis program.

“It’s so cool to see Ephrata and other people come around and just rally around the tennis program, or just get involved in different ways than just the normal,” she said.

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The league brought out players from around the Basin. Players were able to meet and maintain their skills on the court during the summer league’s duration.



Entry fees paid by the players went toward the Ephrata tennis programs to purchase new equipment.



The Tuesday Night Tennis League in Ephrata raised enough money to not only buy new equipment for the Ephrata tennis team, but also to help mitigate costs associated with team activities.

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