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Letter: Recognize military children in April

| April 21, 2022 2:14 PM

The American Legion Auxiliary, in fact, the whole American Legion Family, celebrates April as Children and Youth Month. Since its founding, the American Legion Family has committed itself to improving the well-being of all children. The key to the future of a free and prosperous country is held by the children and youth of today. American Legion Auxiliary Unit 28, is only one of many auxiliary units trying to give our children and youth the tools to understand their country and the freedoms it holds. Americanism Essay Contests in our schools are one tool we use. We also donate books to schools and libraries on things like our U.S. Constitution, the history of the flag and why we say the Pledge and what it means, as well as elections – how they work and why each vote is important. The American Legion Family advocates for traditional family values, assistance for at-risk children and to stop drug use, bullying and production of TV shows and movies filled with obscenities and indecencies.

There’s no real way of knowing what issues will face our youth tomorrow but the democratic, free America may very well depend on the quality of care and education that we, as parents and citizens, provide for the young people today.

Military children face unique challenges and make sacrifices. To recognize this, we (celebrated) “Purple Up! For Military Kids” day on Friday, April 15 – wear(ing) purple to show support and thank military children. Maybe even add(ed) a big purple bow to a tree or two.

Why purple, you ask? Well, if you mix the colors of our five branches of military service – the three different shades of blue (Coast Guard, Navy, and Air Force), brown for the Army and red for the Marine Corps – they make purple.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 28 would like to share with you something we received from the Military Kids & Families workgroup of which we are proud to be a part. We do feel, though, this bill of rights should apply to all children.

Military Child Bill of Rights:

I will grow strong, serving alongside my family as long as I have:

A clean and safe place to live.

Great schools that welcome me.

A safe and fun place to stay when my parents are away.

Good doctors I can easily visit when I don’t feel well.

A community that supports me and lets me know I am valued.

Courage and support to keep my family strong while we are at war.

Leaders who remember my family will still have needs when the war is over.

Adults who remind me I’m still a kid.

Time with my mom or dad so it doesn’t feel like they are still away even when they are home.

Someone to talk with who understands me.

Remember, kids serve too.

Jane Montaney

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 28


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