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Letter: Progressivism is destructive to America

| September 23, 2021 1:00 AM

While overseas I experienced socialism, communism, Marxism, progressivism – whatever you choose to call it. We saw people entrapped in poverty, sparse resources, submission through control, truth and justice eroded/muzzled, rights and freedom taken away. Intimidating tactics were used to demoralize and silence others through terminology, acts of hatred, jail. These groups considered themselves the moral authority, i.e., above the law. Progressive governments also determined the distribution of goods, including all medical care.

In America these issues have arisen: abortion, impeachment, globalism, climate control, elections, media integrity, masking, vaccination, gun control, education, gender identification, history, racism, violence, border control, censorship, voter irregularity, fairness, riots, police defunding and the economy.

Progressivism appears to have influenced each area previously mentioned. Apathy, depression, fearfulness and confusion have increased as our culture becomes subtly altered.

America was founded on Godly worldviews. Capitalism lines up with these views/values. Perhaps that’s why people earnestly strive to get here. These values aim toward genuine fairness and concern for the personal struggles/needs of every individual, instead of condemnation and imposed regulations targeted against ones actual worth, where no one benefits.

An American said: “I am going to bring America down.” This statement could frighten, discredit, embarrass or confuse people. Foundational to America, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence address equity and freedom. Accordingly, they stand for righteousness and justice for all.

Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom must be fought for, protected.” Harry Truman: “If we don’t have the proper foundational moral background we will wind up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State.” Abe Lincoln: “Have faith in God;” therein lies protection.

We are a republic. May we not fight one another, but with discernment walk in mercy, justice and humbleness. My friend James says, “love your neighbor.”

Ann Ebel

Moses Lake

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