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Letter: Museum appreciation

| September 9, 2021 1:00 AM

I am writing this to convey how very much I appreciated the opportunity to hear and learn from Caesar Hart, the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau speaker, on Aug. 27. Over the years, the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center has brought many meaningful, insightful and wide-ranging speakers to Moses Lake, often working in conjunction with Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau as they did for this presentation. The quality of these speakers is consistently admirable and Caesar Hart was no exception. I had only what I would think of as fairly superficial familiarity with drag culture so, as with speakers in the past, I came to learn. There was a turnout of about 60 people who seemed to be there for similar reasons. It was an optimistic, open and supportive presentation. I believe moments like this serve as a positive reflection of our community.

In learning more about drag culture, I also learned more about the history of a colorful and creative community of people who are not only a vital safety net and protective factor for many LGBTQ+ people who might not otherwise have physical or emotional support but who are philanthropic and continually raise money to help not only the LGBTQ+ community but the communities at large where they live and work. The love in Caesar’s heart for his neighbor and community shone through in huge ways. The presence of this caring soul in Moses Lake was a blessing to me.

When I think about the museum, it is with deep gratitude for how it has enriched our lives here in Moses Lake through a vast array of artistic, historical and educational programs and resources – at minimal cost or free of charge. Thank you, Dollie Boyd and the Moses Lake Museum, for another enriching experience.

Kathi Uhlinger

Moses Lake

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