Saturday, September 18, 2021

Marjorie Jones

| September 1, 2021 1:00 AM

Maria Melody Powers, also known as Marjorie Reynolds and Marjorie Jones, was born on Dec. 10, 1946, in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, to Tren and Margaret Jones. She was the fourth of 12 children. Growing up, she helped her siblings with chores on the family farm, making the work lighter with warmth, happiness and humor. She worked as a substitute teacher early in her adult life, and always wanted to have children. She was blessed with two children, Jonathan and Joanna, and five stepchildren Andy, Bryan, Nate, Kyle, and Jessica. She loved all of them dearly. She was married to Ronald Loran Reynolds for more than three decades, during which time they made many happy memories together, and braved many of life’s struggles hand in hand.

Maria dedicated much of her life to service for others. She volunteered for decades as a church pianist of her LDS ward. She often visited assisted living facilities and people in the community with chronic illnesses, offering words of kindness, a shoulder to lean on and the occasional advice. It was rare for her to have a frown on her face, and she endeavored to bring happiness to everyone. In her final years, she placed her focus on humanitarian efforts, even as her health dwindled.

She is survived by son Jonathan (Jessica); daughter Joanna; stepsons Andy (Tamara), Bryan (Misty), Nate (Alisa) and Kyle (Glenna); stepdaughter Jessica (Aaron); and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is also survived by sisters Janet, Jeniel, KarAnn, Kristi Ann and Marilyn and brothers Kameron, Spencer, Steve, Tim and Tom.

She is preceded in death by husband Ronald Loran Reynolds, parents Tren and Margaret and sister JoAnn.