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Marriages for Oct. 25, 2021

| October 25, 2021 1:00 AM

Mathew Allan Penner, 33, and Lisa Michelle Prescott, 31, both of Moses Lake.

Kyle Kelso Ralph, 28, of Moses Lake and Kayla Nichole Vela, 28, of Warden.

Juan Francisco Oxlaj Renoj, 48, and Santos Baten Chavez, 44, both of Othello.

Ivan De Jesus Flores Nyala, 37, and Josefina Ayala Hernandez, 31, both of Royal City.

Francisco Zepeda-Gallegos, 60, and Rosalinda Farias, 49, both of Quincy.

Joe Phillips Jr., 78, and Mary Ann Howard, 64, both of Moses Lake.

Nathaniel Douglas Greene, 22, and Aliyah Michelle Derr, 22, both of Ephrata.

Christopher Glenn Lacelle, 29, and Alexis Christine Ingersoll, 25, both of Moses Lake.

David Petrivich Babchanik, 23, and Angelina S. Trifonov, 18, both of Moses Lake.

David Vitalievich Sushchik, 22, of Moses Lake and Alyona Diana Korneychuk, 22, of Soap Lake.

Kirt Michael Conger, 40, and Alexis Marie Barrientoz, 30, both of Moses Lake.

Colin Edwin Lowry, 28, and Breanna Kay Douglas, 27, both of Ephrata.

Moris Armando Avalos Avalos, 43, and Sandra Beatriz Mendoza Tespan, 36, both of Moses Lake.

Gerry Eugene Rager, 63, and Babylene Regidor Pitpit, 38, both of Moses Lake.

Anthony Christopher Morris, 24, and Jessica Brianne Keller, 24, both of Moses Lake.

Vicente Rubio Rubio, 27, and Veronica Jimenez Rosario, 44, both of Quincy.

Judah Raul Figueroa, 20, of Moses Lake and Krystal Eileen McAnulty, 22, of Ephrata.

Jack Dean Melson, 67, and Shelley Lynn Romine, 58, both of Moses Lake.

Olfidio Gonzalez Berduo, 32, and Nedi Susana Berduo Mejia, 32, both of Moses Lake.