Friday, May 27, 2022

Votes certified in general election

Assistant Managing Editor | November 24, 2021 1:05 AM

The Nov. 3 general election results were certified Tuesday evening, perhaps with surprises in some races.

One of those might be the race for the Hartline mayor’s seat. A write-in, Andrew Alisbrook, was chosen, with 36 of the 59 votes. Challenger Paul H. Walker, a Hartline council member, received 15 votes. In Wilson Creek, another write-in, Rob Herron, won the mayor’s seat, with 45 of the 90 votes. Challenger and incumbent, Kevin Newland, got 40 votes.

In the Moses Lake School District race, Paul Hill won the School Director 2 position, with 56%, or 5,219 of the votes, while incumbent Vickey Melcher got 43%, or 4,002 votes. For the School Director 4 position, Moses Lake Police Department Chief Kevin Fuhr won, with 54%, or 5,074 votes, while Rachel Roylance Gallacci got 45%, or 4,226 votes.

The MLSD Proposition 1 was passed, with 53%, or 5,142, votes to the “no” votes, with 47%, or 4,547 votes. The proposition, which needed 50% plus one to pass, was to renew the current MLSD’s three-hear Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy, approved by voters in 2018 and was to expire in 2021. It takes $1.50 per $1,000 assessed value from landowners and will maintain school programs, educational and extracurricular activities, according to the school district’s website.

In the Moses Lake City Council race, Deanna Martinez took the council member 1 slot, with 54%, or 2,227, votes, while incumbent Mike Riggs got 46%, or 1,897 votes. In the council member 2 slot, challenger Dustin Swartz won, with 54%, or 2,184, of the votes, while incumbent Karen Liebrecht got 45%, or 1,849, votes. In the number 4 position, Mark Fancher won, with 82%, or 3,413, votes, while Plasido S.D. Lindsey Jr. got 17%, or 715 votes. For the number 5 slot, Judy Madewell won, with 54%, or 2,267, votes, while incumbent David Curnel got 46%, or 1,941 votes.

In Quincy, Paul D. Worley won the mayor’s seat, with 62%, or 605 votes, while Luke S. Garrison got 37%, or 363 votes. For the Quincy City Council Member 2 slot, Jeff Spence won, with 76%, or 688 votes, while Peter D. Shelton got 24%, or 216 votes. In the number 5 slot, Dave Dormier won, with 59%, or 540 votes, to Oscar Romero’s 41%, or 371 votes. In the Quincy School District, Chad Lower won the Director 5 position in Grant County’s votes, with 57%, or 1,152 votes, to Liliana Garcia’s 42%, or 858 votes.

In Mattawa, incumbent Maggie Celaya won the mayor’s seat, with 65%, or 90 votes, while Sun Hwang got 35%, or 48 votes. In the town’s council member 3 slot, Silvia Barajas was unchallenged and got 118 votes. And, the other open council seats had only one contender, too, with Antonio Acosta, Vicente Acosta, and Wendy Lopez running and winning.

In Grand Coulee, Ben Hughes won the council member 1 seat, with 48%, or 92 votes, while Tracy Justice Wright got 31%, or 58 votes. In the number 2 slot, Tom Poplawski won, with 70%, or 133 votes, while Cameron Whitney got 28%, or 52 votes. In the number 4 seat, Mike P. Horne was unchallenged and got 145 votes, or 96%.

Back in Hartline, Goldye Moyer won the council member 2 seat, with 53%, or 33 votes, to Brian Sayler’s 45%, or 28 votes. Jonathan Dingman was unchallenged in the member 1 slot and got 57 votes.

In Royal City, Michael Christensen won the council member 1 seat, with 73%, or 72 votes, while Stanton T. Fanning got 27%, or 27 votes.

In Soap Lake, Karen Woodhouse won the council member 3 seat, with 68%, or 187 votes, to Dave Tweedy’s 31%, or 84 votes.

In George, Juan A. Villalpando won the council member 3 seat, with 64%, or 32 votes, while Terry Nelson got 36%, or 18 votes. In the number 4 seat, Julia Schooler won, with 57%, or 29 votes to John Ammons’ 43%, or 22 votes.

In Ephrata, Bruce Reim won the mayor’s seat, with 91%, or 1,312 votes, to Mohammad Hassan Said’s 7%, or 108 votes. In the council member 2 seat, Kathleen M. Harris won, with 64%, or 852 votes, to Ben Addink’s 35%, or 466 votes.

In the Grant County Public Hospital District 2’s (Quincy Valley Medical Center) Proposition 1 vote, it passed with 63%, or 1,415 votes, to “no,” with 37%, or 848 votes. It authorizes the district to levy a special one-year property tax levy in excess of its regular levy for collection in 2022 in the amount of $825,000, resulting in an estimated levy rate of $0.1573 per $1,000 of assessed value, to provide additional funds to operate and maintain the district’s health care facilities and essential services, according to the Grant County Voters’ Pamphlet.

In the Grant County Port District 10 Port Commissioner 3 slot, David “Kent” Jones won, with 64%, or 5,345 votes, to Kris Dexter’s 36%, or 3,013 votes.

In Wahluke, Luke Jenne won the school district’s director 5 seat among Grant County voters, with 63%, or 422 votes, to Cynthia de Victoria’s 36%, or 244 votes. Nick Trejo won the school director 2 seat, with 68%, or 471 votes, to Jesse Chiprez’ 31%, or 218 votes.

In Adams County, Shawn Logan won the Othello mayor seat, having no opponents, with 95%, or 489, of the votes.

The Othello Parks and Recreation 1 (which maintains P.J. Taggares Park) Maintenance and Operation Levy was rejected with 53%, or 631 “yes” votes, to the 47%, or 570 “no” votes. Because it’s a revenue measure, it required 60% approval to pass.