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Letter: Name new school after something more local

| May 27, 2021 1:00 AM

Lakeview Terrace, Knolls Vista, Garden Heights, North, Peninsula and Longview schools are named after the areas where they are located. The two most recent additions to this list are rather poetic - Park Orchard and Sage Point.

Larson Heights School honors Maj. Donald Larson, a fighter pilot who was killed in action in 1944 after flying 57 combat missions. He was born and raised in eastern Washington (Yakima). Chief Moses Middle School is named after Sulk-stalk-scosum, whom non-natives christened Moses. He was leader of the local tribe, the Sinkiuse. The newest elementary school is named after Vicki Groff, a longtime school board member, active in community improvements.

What do Moses Lake school names have in common? They are of local significance and noncontroversial. For example, who would say, "I don't want my child going to a school named ‘Frontier’ or ‘Endeavor’?" Grant County Democrats urge that the tradition of naming schools after areas, history, people et cetera of particular importance to our region be followed. An example might be naming a school after something to do with the Columbia Basin Irrigation and Reclamation Project.

Louis Logan

Grant County Democrats Secretary

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