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Letter: Consider 'Neppel' for new high school name

| May 27, 2021 1:00 AM

I have been a resident of Moses Lake since the spring of 1970. During those 51 years my late husband Jesse and I supported every school bond, as have our children and grandchildren when they became eligible voters.

I must admit, I was somewhat taken aback when Ronald Reagan’s name was suggested as the name for Moses Lake’s new high school. I tried to determine what he relevance was to the Basin, other than being the 40th president.

In talking with many people, “Neppel” came up as a possible name for the new school. If my information is accurate, wasn’t that the name of one of the original schools, plus being associated with the Basin from the get-go? It’s not a name affiliated with any political party, nor would it be offensive to out native brothers and sisters.

I think that the school district should somehow figure out a way to include the citizens of Moses Lake in the naming of our new high school. After all, we did approve the bond. Neppel should be one of the names strongly considered.

Joan M. Green

Moses Lake

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