Sunday, June 13, 2021

Unincorporated Grant County building permits for May 7, 2021

| May 9, 2021 1:00 AM

Friehe Land Holding LLC, 2400 block of Road S Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $274,350.

Alderbrook Homes, 10000 block of Road 5.9 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $359,060.

Robert and Veda Moretti, 400 block of Southwest Cherry Lane, Mattawa, new residence, $180,920.

Lyndsy and Sally J. Roberts, 5700 block of Road 2 Northwest, Ephrata, farm shop, $336,000.

Alderbrook Homes, 5100 block of Road 7.3 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $268,270.

Tatyana Pashkovsky, 4000 block of Northeast Quinn Drive, Moses Lake, new residence, $152,780.

Stoke Space Technologies, 7400 block of Road G Northeast, Moses Lake, 18,000-gallon hydrogen tank/vaporizer, no valuation given.

Gary Bettis, 19400 block of Road A.3 Northeast, Soap Lake, manufactured home, $73,440.

Amanda Rickard et. al., 2800 block of Northeast Wild Goose Road, Moses Lake, shop, $84,000.

Richard and Joanne Ogden, 600 block of Southwest Desert Aire Drive, Mattawa, in-ground pool,. No valuation given.

Yuri and Svetlana Babak, 2900 block of Snow Goose Road Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $413,850.

Alderbrook Homes, 5100 block of Road 7.3 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $223,470.

Brent S. and Deidra L. Weber, 6500 block of Road B Northwest, Ephrata, Ag shop, $420,000.

Juan Velasvco Valdez, 18300 block of Second Avenue Southwest, Beverly, manufactured home, $34,560.

Clyde H. and Heather Lay, 700 block of Road 9 Northwest, Ephrata, shop, $47,200.

Timothy J. Culbertson and Diane Gehling, 200 block of Road 21.,1 Northeast, Soap Lake, new residence, $246,500.

Bluff Valley Farm LLC, 25800 block of Northeast Bennett Road, Wilson Creek, hay storage, $87,000.

Jorge A. Pena Gomez et. al., 4500 block of Northeast Jackie Drive, Moses Lake, carport, $18,000.

Martin J. and Patricia J. W. Smith, 700 block of Southwest Sunset Boulevard, Mattawa, retaining wall, $536.

James H. and Patricia Stutzman, 9000 block of Northeast Neppel Road, Moses Lake, pole barn, $80,000.

Ronald D. and Kimberly K. Rasmussen, 600 block of Southwest Beach Place, Mattawa, in-ground pool, no valuation given.

Marcos and Lilia Landa, 11100 block of Road K Northwest, Quincy, manufactured home, $25,200.

Miguel A. and Maria A. Martinez Alvarez, 9000 block of Bing Loop Northeast, Moses Lake, fire repair, $4,620.

Vance V. Jansen, 10200 block of Road 7 Northeast, Moses Lake, interior addition, $58,500.

Permits issued: 24. Total valuation: $3,388,256.