Saturday, April 17, 2021

Unincorporated Grant County building permits for March 19, 2021

| March 20, 2021 1:00 AM

Karl and Sandy Salland, 300 block of Southwest Agate Lane, Mattawa, garage, $14,040.

Jolain All Secure Storage LLC, 200 block of Southeast Orchard Avenue, Ephrata, fence repair, no valuation given.

Bolin Hermanos LLC, 400 block of Southwest Airport Way, Mattawa, aircraft hangar, $139,776.

Oleksiy and Nelya Koval, 7600 block of Road E.1 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $308,680.

Bruce K. and Carol A. Wade, 500 block of Southwest Tyler Place, Mattawa, new manufactured home, $55,440.

Dennis Michael Chesnakov et. al., 13400 block of Road A Northwest, Ephrata, equipment storage, $32,400.

Carolyn A. Kesl, 600 block of Southwest Lakeside Way, Mattawa, new residence, $220,250.

BC Farms LLC, 9300 block of Dodson Road Northwest, Ephrata, demolish residence, no valuation given.

Jose D. and Ernestia A. Santos-Munoz, 6500 block of East Highway 262, Othello, garage floor heat and tankless water heater, no valuation given.

Blue Vine LLC, 6500 block of Road S Southeast, Warden, new residence, $852,720.

Michael E. and Pamela L. Nordin, 5400 block of Road 7.3 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $448,620.

Blue Vine LLC, 6500 block of Road S Southeast, Warden, garage, $28,600.

Sean P. and Bethany Killion, 600 block of Baseline.5 Road Southeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $323,160.

Tamara A. and Jack D. Lowrey et. al., 1100 block of Southwest River Drive, Quincy, storage, $5,370.

Robert Henry Tiegs, 200 block of Southwest Moon River View, Mattawa, garage, $24,000.

Verizon Wireless, 11900 block of Road G Southwest, Royal City, communication tower alteration, no valuation given.

Chadwick D., and Laura L. Sofield, 3900 block of Road 6.5 Northeast, Moses Lake, exhaust fan, no valuation given.

Port District No. 10, 6900 block of Patton Boulevard Northeast, Moses Lake, replace HVAC, no valuation given.

Leopold and Elvira Bueno-Mendoza Zuniga, 9700 block of Road H.8 Northeast, Moses Lake, manufactured home, $53,460.

Matthew and Suzanne Yanek, 800 block of Southwest Desert Aire Drive, Mattawa, carport, $17,400.

Kevan G. and Irene M. Bowen, 10400 block of Road 6 Southeast, Moses Lake, repair fire damage, $73,950.

Wayne and Barbara Steen, 3400 block of Northeast Firouzi Drive, Moses Lake, garage, $9,000.

Permits issued: 22. Total valuation: $2,606,866.