Saturday, April 17, 2021

Public records for March 15, 2021

| March 15, 2021 1:00 AM


Samaritan Hospital

Feb. 27

Lesly Arellano and Christopher Fuentes Gomez, Othello, son Alijah Alexander Fuentes, 7 pounds.

March 1

Leticia Ramos Cazorla and Jose Ramos Madrigal, Moses Lake, son Ali Dai Ramos, 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

March 2

Kenya Valencia and Anthony Garza, Quincy, son Anthony Ray Garza Jr, 6 pounds 5 ounces.

March 3

Delimar Delgado-Felipe and Johan Medel Cisneros, Moses Lake, daughter Irina Medel Delgado, 8 pounds 6 ounces.


Erik Trinidad, 24, sand Geneva Essiel Angulo, 19, both of Quincy.

Travis Allen Sturtevant Jr., 33, and Jazlin Hailey Castleman, 22, both of Moses Lake.

Cecilia Rangel Banderas, 27, and Karina Hernandez Ortega, 34, both of Beverly.

Pete Anthony Grubb, 41, and Jennifer Kristen Markin, 37, Ephrata.

Virgilio Camacho Pineda, 27, of Othello, and Jakelin Lopez Morfin, 25, of Moses Lake.

Stephen Edward Johanson, 54, of Coulee City, and Sandra Diane Anderson, 53, of Moses Lake.

Hugo A. Camacho Plascencia, 33, and Veronica Iliana Sosa Mendez, 33, both of Quincy.

Alfredo A Ramirez, 27, and Monica Cristal Sanchez, 28, both of Royal City.

James Dayton Pearce, 41, and Melissa Marie Ellsworth, 39, both of Moses Lake.

Joshua Daniel Armstrong, 23, and Abigail Elizabeth Greiner, 20, both of Moses Lake.

Tanner R. Matthyssens, 27, and Danika Estelle Cox, 27, both of Ephrata.

Divorces requested

Petitioner: Terry Ortega. Respondent: Ruben Ortega.

Petitioner: Latisha Garcia. Respondent: Hector Contreras Ibarra.

Petitioner: Emily Vanessa Villafana. Respondent: Miguel Angel Reyes.

Petitioner: Ryan Scott Unruh. Respondent: Amanda Jean Unruh.

Petitioner: Robert Reg Paxman. Respondent: Amber A. Paxman.

Petitioner: Annabell Perez Aguirre. Respondent: Jonathan Rodriguez.

Petitioner: Maria D. Olivar Hernandez. Respondent: Juvenal Medel Cisneros.

Petitioner: Jerilie Biery. Respondent: Richard Allan Biery.

Petitioner: Tanmi McIntyre. Respondent: Lee McIntyre.

Petitioner: Martin Martinez Vazquez. Respondent: Evangelina Martinez Rodriguez.

Petitioner: Rosario Diaz. Respondent: Nicolas Soto Diaz Jr.

Divorces granted

Petitioner: J. Dolores Chavez Madrigal. Respondent: Paula Heilbrun. Married Jan. 23, 2003 in Bonney Lake. Separated 2005.

Petitioner: Karen V. Talley. Respondent: Todd T. Talley. Married Feb. 14, 1988 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Separated Sept. 16, 2018. Petitioner’s name changed to Karen V. Palmer.