Saturday, April 17, 2021

Unincorporated Grant County building permits for March 12, 2021

| March 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Nathan Joseph Sherley, 7000 block of Northeast Lake Vista Drive, Moses Lake, new residence, $303,820.

Scott J. Nesbit, 100 block of West Sunshine Circle, Mattawa, in-ground swimming pool, no valuation given.

Paul D. and Marnie Magnotto, 3100 Northeast Westshore Drive, Moses Lake, minor amendment to BF 19-0488, $6,000.

Ariel and Schawndria C. Garza, 700 block of Road Baseline.5 Southeast, Moses Lake, pool, no valuation given.

FAI LLC, 400 block of Southwest Airport Way, Mattawa, new residence, $279,480.

Matthew Kai and Christina Elliott, 10800 block of Road 5.4 Northeast, Mposes Lake, pool, no valuation given.

Mary A. Dewey, 19800 block of Road Division.2 Northwest, Soap Lake, in-ground pool, no valuation given.

Casiliy and Nelly Korneychuk Vorobey, 8200 block of Road 2.4 Northeast, Moses Lake, garage, $64,800.

Roy and Wendy Dirks, 7900 block of Dune Lake Road Southeast, new residence, $290,310.

Camiekae and Kevin D. Lynch, 6900 block of Road 8.8 Southeast, Othello, shop/garage, $50,000.

Charlie N. and Deanna Lynn Dansie, 21600 block of Road 11 Southeast, Warden, storage building, $38,880.

Permits issued: 11. Total valuation: $1,033,290.