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Letter: Kind stranger reminds us there is good in the world

| June 18, 2021 1:00 AM

Last week my mom and I were waiting in the checkout line at Walmart. In front of us was a lady with a full load of groceries. She turned to us and smiled, saying it wouldn’t take long. While her purchases were being run through, the lady turned again to us and gave us a gift card for $50 to go toward paying for our groceries. She explained that she had retired financially secure, and that she and her husband had decided to share with the community. We, of course, thanked her for her generosity. But I decided I should write to remind people that, first, Moses Lake is full of good people who care about others, and second, the bad things we are bombarded with on a daily basis are not the only things we need to pay attention to. There are random acts of kindness everywhere. And if we don’t see that kindness, maybe we should try harder to be that kindness.

Deb Campbell

Moses Lake

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