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Letter: Helpful stranger shows what nice people Moses Lake has

| July 30, 2021 1:00 AM

Yesterday, the phrase “Moses Lake has the nicest people” really came through for me. I had a bad tire and was trying to get to Les Schwab Tires before it completely went. I only made it from the Peninsula area to the Imperial Motel across from Michael’s when it smelled like it was on fire. I pulled up and a young man was right there, saying he’d seen me pull in and could he help? He had four young boys in the car and his wife was in the chiropractor’s office. Now 50 years ago (I’m 80), I had four boys from 11 to 1 just like him, and I knew what it was like. Anyway, Mr. Farmer took care of my tire in the 100-degree heat and I can’t thank him enough. God bless him.

Beth Mahn

Moses Lake

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