Thursday, May 06, 2021

Unincorporated Grant County building permits for Jan. 16-22

| January 29, 2021 1:00 AM

Chris and Shelly Gibson, 6600 block of Road 8.8 Southeast, Othello, new residence, $248,570.

Jeffrey Taylor et. al., 700 block of Southwest River Drive, Quincy, new residence, $201,789.

Warren Morgan Orchards LLC, 19100 block of Road 9 Northwest, new manufactured home, $46,960.

Jeffrey Taylor et. al., 700 block of Southwest River Drive, Quincy, demolish residence, no valuation given.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. LLC, 8300 block of Northwest Road S, Quincy, sprinkler system, no valuation given.

Michael J. and Christie E. Rees, 8200 block of Southeast Dune Lake Road, Moses Lake, new residence, $652,585.

David and Rocio Valdez, 7900 block of Neppel Road Northeast, Moses Lake, manufactured home, $37,440.

G2 Orchards LLC, 30000 block of Road O Southwest, Mattawa, ag shop, $232,960.

Dan Anacker, 400 block of Southwest Apricot Place, Mattawa, new residence, $164,640.

Kevin Dunn, 13100 block of Road 10 Northeast, Moses Lake, garage, no valuation given.

Ryan Keith and Renate Diahanne Rechtenwald, 2300 block of Northeast Elgin Road, Moses Lake, interior addition of living space, $26,040.

Ryan M. and Shana Doumit, 4600 block of Road 6.5 Northeast, HVAC replacement, no valuation given.

Allen B. and Ginger K. Smith, 17800 block of Road a.5 Northwest, Ephrata,m interior addition of office/shop, $8,640.

Permits issued: 13. Total valuation: $1,619,615.