Sunday, February 28, 2021

Grant County reimburses family whose dog was run over by sheriff's deputy

Staff Writer | January 23, 2021 1:00 AM

EPHRATA — Grant County commissioners approved reimbursement of veterinary expenses incurred by a Moses Lake family whose dog was run over by a sheriff’s deputy in summer 2020, according to county officials.

The county issued a check for $1,296.30 in late 2020 to the Leitz family, according to Barbara Vasquez, clerk for the county commissioners. The dog suffered non-fatal injuries from a deputy who drove onto the family’s property in response to an unrelated service call, said Field Operations Chief Deputy Ken Jones in an interview.

“Upon arrival, dogs were out roaming around the vehicle, and as the deputy came to a stop, one of the dogs went partially underneath the tire causing injuries to its leg,” Jones said. “There was no maliciousness or intent by the officer, it was clearly an accident. Our response to that residence was as normal as any other call to service that we get called to.”

Though county officials reportedly established the deputy was responding to a service call, the county was not legally liable to pay veterinary bills from the incident, but the county commissioners decided to do so anyway, Jones said.

“During the process, (the deputy) ran over a dog, and so, we just felt like we should pay for the dog’s injuries,” said Commissioner Cindy Carter in a brief interview.

The family did not respond to requests for comment.