Thursday, February 25, 2021

HOMES Unincorporated Grant County building permit

| February 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Week of Jan. 23-29

Barry and Janci M. Nelson, 6500 block of Southeast Highway 262, Othello, new residence, $206,400.

Sabin Properties LLC, 16700 block of Road 27 Southwest, Mattawa, manufactured home, $92,200.

Byron Bese, 6500 block of Southeast Highway 262, Othello, new residence, $157,090.

Marlin Howell, 6800 block of Road D Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $407,000.

Riley G. and Kyndra Herd Roylance, 14000 block of Road 5 Southeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $419,510.

Jeffrey B. and Sally Foster, 1400 block of Northeast Fairway Drive, Moses Lake, cover, $5,760.

Startouch Inc. 4000 block of Northwest Beasley Hill Road, Ephrata, communications tower alteration, no valuation given.

Steve and Peggy Locati, 500 block of Southwest Desert Aire Drive, Mattawa, garage, $25,680.

Juan C. Isabel and Romero Morales Herrera, 100 block of Southwest Thunderbird Way, Mattawa, manufactured home, $64,000.

Robert A. and Catherine O. Stuart, 700 block of Southwest Lakeside Way, Mattawa, new residence, $192,480.

Morgan L. and Serina M. Colby, 10400 block of Road 5.6 Northeast, Moses Lake, garage, $45,680.

Aaron and Heather Harper Trustees, 6700 block of Northeast Bacon Lane, Moses Lake, HVAC, no valuation given.

Gann Construction LLC, 500 block of Southwest Autumn Loop, Mattawa, expand existing residence, $31,000.

Troy A. and Lisa J. Marks, 6700 block of Road 8.9 Southeast, Othello, garage, $90,240.

Yuri Babak, 20000 block of Locust Road Northwest, Soap Lake, new residence, $211,340.

Pavel A. and Alla P. Yushchuk, 3100 block of Northeast Kestrel Drive, Moses Lake, duplex, $541,130.

Chad A. and Tracie E. Miles, 600 block of Southwest Chukar Place, Quincy, garage, $8,960.

Henry and Antonia Arias, 6800 block of Southeast El Camino Street, Othello, manufactured home, $59,760.

Mark and Sara Strommer Owen, 14300 block of Road T Northeast, Marlin, prefab metal shop, $18,000.

Vitaliy Proskurin, 6700 block of Road E.2 Northeast, Moses Lake, new residence, $286,330.

Steve and Terrah A. Bocondova, 2300 block of Road 10.8 Northwest, Ephrata, new residence, $302,400.

S&C Ventures LLC, 21000 block of Road A Northeast, Soap Lake, storage building, $90,000.