Thursday, February 25, 2021

Moses Lake beginner soccer league signups open

Staff Writer | February 4, 2021 1:00 AM

Signups for beginning spring soccer leagues through Moses Lake Parks and Recreation are open now through Feb. 19. Beginning soccer leagues are for children ages 3-7.

Parents can sign their kids up for the season under the activities tab at

The beginning soccer league was cut short last spring due to COVID-19.

Tom Los, recreation supervisor with Moses Lake Parks and Recreation, said about 340 kids signed up last spring. Coming back in the fall, they were limited to just practices and no games, and the number of participants dropped to about 40.

Los said he believes the fall season turned out pretty well, but unfortunately a lot of people decided not to play with no spectators or parents allowed in attendance. As a parent, Los said, he understands parents being hesitant to participate in the fall if they aren’t even allowed to watch their kids play.

“Fast forward to today, we’ve got some improvements in what we’re allowed to do,” Los said. “But because we’re not going to start playing until March, there’s kind of two phase options. Depending on what phase the governor puts us in by the end of February will determine what soccer is going to look like.”

Teams will be allowed their normal number of players (8-10). Kids, coaches and spectators will be required to wear masks. Each child will be allowed one spectator in attendance if the county is still in Phase 1 when the season begins.

In Phase 1, Los said, there won’t be games between teams, but teams will be allowed to scrimmage and practice with their own players.

If Grant County makes it to Phase 2 by the start of the season, teams will be allowed to play games against one another with up to 200 people in attendance.

Los said they saw about 40 people sign up in the first 24 hours after posting a message on social media informing people there were only two weeks left to sign up.

“Typically we’ll see 75% of the people register near the very end, like the last day,” Los said. “It was really encouraging to see that burst that we’re already past where we were in the fall with registrations.”

During the pandemic, Los said, the department has been challenged to navigate the health guidelines and keep people active. He said the department has tried to give kids and people in the community something to do to get out and exercise and not be stuck sitting in front of a screen.