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Moses Lake to demolish some old structures

Staff Writer | August 13, 2021 1:00 AM

This year, the city of Moses Lake is cleaning up some rubble.

The city is seeking bids for the demolition of three structures: Well 22, near Big Bend Community College, as well as a police storage facility and a firing line structure on Randolph Road Northeast near SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers.

That area was an old firing range for the police force, said city design engineer Mark Beaulieu. Neither the firing structure nor the police storage facility is used anymore.

As for the well, it’s been abandoned for some time, he said. Nothing is being built in that area and there’s no reason to have it there anymore.

Some of the structures contain hazardous materials, including asbestos and lead paint. In total, the project will cost $53,000 with a work period of just more than two weeks.