Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Letter: A brief response to critical race theory

| August 13, 2021 1:00 AM

As a longtime resident of Moses Lake, having traveled to and/or lived in nearly 30 countries, it is stunning to be labeled a racist. I am clearly aware of the freedoms we Americans have and respect the wisdom of our “founding fathers.” Freedom, not of self-indulgence and power, freedom we have to love and to forgive. Seek to live together. The truth, integrity is more important than skin color.

A Black pastor stated that some people are snorkelers. They get into the water and remain on the surface. They see what’s going on but don’t want to get down too deep. Where are we?

We are blessed, in so many ways. in ways we often do not even realize. Please do not stay on the surface. Wherever this finds you, commit. Dive in. Seek truth and wisdom. I believe we are, everyone, created after the image of God, having equal worth. Let us stand together in these challenging times.

Ann Ebel

Moses Lake

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