Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Letter Vaccinated adults help protect children

| August 13, 2021 1:00 AM

On Monday Aug. 9, GCHD reported 200 cases of COVID since the Wednesday, Aug. 4, report.

GCHD should issue a vaccine mandate for the common good and public health safety of children for whom no vaccine is ready. No child should get COVID, yet 37 of the 200 in Monday’s update were children 0-18.

2,026 children have been infected by the virus since GCHD began reports on the virus.

Vaccinated adults and teens protect children’s health. The unvaccinated endanger children by putting them at risk of getting COVID.

Until all teens and adults in the county are vaccinated, children 0-12 must be protected by CDC-approved masks in school, in public, and at home.

Vaccination is the best protection we can offer our future; but until everyone 12 and older vaccinate, masks will have to do.

This bears repeating: Vaccinated adults and teens are the best protection for children 0-12.

Duane Pitts

Moses Lake

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