Thursday, January 21, 2021

Letter: Tom Dent is a man of integrity

| September 24, 2020 1:00 AM

I was asked to make a statement on behalf of Tom Dent, District 13, Washington State Legislature.

I have never been one to follow politics very much. That is, until I became acquainted with Tom Dent. In life one is likely to know others at various levels. First you know their name, who they are and what they do. Then you may develop a casual acquaintance, followed by a serious acquaintance, friendship and finally a serious friendship. By the time you become a serious acquaintance, you have a firm idea of the character of that person. I am speaking of Rep. Tom Dent, District 13.

I have known Tom for many years, beginning with mutual membership in the Grant County Horse Association. (The link, of course, was horses.) I think he was a crop duster then. Even then Tom was involved in the welfare of the agriculture industry. It only followed that he run for state office to promote and improve whatever affected agriculture.

I would say that Tom started out as a name that I knew. Over the years he and his wife Dayna have become serious acquaintances/friends. I know that Tom is true to his roots. He is a face-to-face representative of the people. He knows agriculture. He knows what it takes to improve agriculture. I would stand by his honesty and integrity in a heartbeat.

Wanda Holloway

Moses Lake