Thursday, January 21, 2021

Letter: Tom Dent works selflessly for our district

| September 17, 2020 1:00 AM

I met Tom Dent well before he was an elected official. He was (and is) a very earnest individual, a private pilot who owns his own company. He flew as a crop duster and provided an air ferry service and expected no reimbursement (he was often reimbursed anyway) for folks who needed to go back and forth to the coast and here in eastern Washington.

He’s a rancher outside Moses Lake. He raises buffalo and is a proud provider of low cholesterol meats to folks around our city. Good tasting and healthy.

Then he went to Olympia representing us in the 13th District. He had ideas in favor of the folks here and in several other counties. While in Olympia he gave us a better future here in our city and in the rest of this district. He has a knack of being able to cross the political aisle and, when working with both Democrats and Republicans, manages to get things done. He’s focused on issues affecting us in the Basin area. He’s working to help aviators in this state as much as possible since our state is deeply involved in aviation and aerospace and Tom always has it in sight. He worries about how we manage our natural resources and tries very hard to help guide our forest management to reduce wildfires and to clear some of the natural fuel under existing trees, fuel that is currently causing a lot of smoke in our state. He cares very much about child care around us. He is constantly trying to improve our child foster care and child medical programs.

Dave Bolton

Moses Lake