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Letter: Support Romig for county commissioner

| October 29, 2020 1:00 AM

The job of a county commissioner is to work hard for the citizens he/she represents. It is critical to coordinate and cooperate with other elected officials and the departments they oversee. This is most clearly evident when working with taxpayer dollars in the budget process. Throughout the year circumstances can, and most likely do, change, requiring adjustments and quick decisions, It takes a strong, fiscally conservative commissioner to adapt, adjust and act responsibly. Earl Romig will be such a commissioner.

Earl has business knowledge and common sense that is critical for the office. He owns and operates an agricultural soil amendment business as well as a rental property business. He has understanding of Grant County “culture” and a desire to serve all citizens with respect. He knows that we need to facilitate strong businesses, promote development and yet maintain our rural, friendly lifestyle.

Agriculture is our number one industry and it needs to be protected and supported. There is no mistaking, when you drive through Grant County our agricultural strength and diversity is our economic backbone.

With his law enforcement background, Earl is uniquely qualified to take the oath of protecting the citizens. With his business experience he knows the value of your tax dollars. Finally, with his life experience and young family, he appreciates the opportunity to provide jobs, education, recreation and technology for our future.

I urge you to join my husband and me in supporting Earl Romig for county commissioner.

Carolann Swartz

Moses Lake

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