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Letter: Police should get more funding, not less

| October 29, 2020 1:00 AM

Today I’m writing about this bad idea to defund the police. I was a security officer for 27 years in the state of Florida. Without police help and service I would have been harmed many days. This world would be unsafe without police. Rather than defund the police, we should fund them more for keeping us safe.

Now there are a few bad police who break and violate the law. A good police chief would fire these bad officers and not let them drag down the many good police officers. One thing I will say to those good officers, when you see a fellow officer break the law, speak up and hold them accountable. Evil only prevails when good officers fail to act and speak up.

I truly support good officers. Let’s raise the city and state funding for police, and no more crazy talk about defunding the police.

James Earl Jones

Moses Lake

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